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Are you looking for the most quality supplies for your pet, whether of reptiles and snakes
This pool of high-quality products and high-priced
The thing that makes pet breeding not difficult and guarantee you efficiency in result
reptile cages for sale High priced
The most expensive prices of reptile cages for sale which you can see here in usa
I invite you to not surprising if you know that there are cages than for it four thousand dollars

1-Cages By Design Large Reptile Enclosure
Price: 1800$ / location:California / Buy From Ebay

Cages intentionally Model H3 of the Hybrid Series cage for giant reptile, bird, etc. Used solely in transition from habitation to home for giant reptile. Ordered and have all elements and further section for prime or back and further storage section below cage. Includes all lights, mounts, power strips, hardware, timers, catalog and directions for break-down and setup.. This cage similarly as all Cages intentionally units area unit assembled in sections (Back-2 sections, front- two sections, sides- two sections, top, bottom area unit one section each).
Cages intentionally web site for MEasurements and evaluation on new items

2- Cages By Design

Price: 1600$ / location:Pennsylvania / Buy From Ebay
Cages deliberately nice enclosure for juvenile iguanas, bearded dragons, water dragons, and plenty of additional species. conjointly a good iguanid lizard vivarium, Bearded Dragon terrarium or Python cage, your herp are going to be living a la mode in one amongst these custom snake enclosures ! Hoods and stands (as shown and enclosed in final Packages) end any giant reptile cages, creating your Lizard cages the centerpiece of the room! Hoods conjointly permit lighting to get on high of the Bearded Dragon vivarium, rather than within, protective your reptiles from lighting fixtures and heating parts. Stands conjointly permit you to elevate snake cages to eye level, and supply valuable room for all of your herp provides. Hoods and stands can even later be regenerate to alternative custom reptile cages if desired.

3-reptile habitats for sale glass
Price: 1000$ / North Dakota/ Order Now

custom engineered cage for a twelve foot Burmese Python, however any snake or iguanid lizard would be in paradise. 2 separate items, funning water into a rock water pool, removable turf for cleanup, 5 lights, a hundred and fifty watt ceramic heater, pc fan to blow heat down, two changeable main logs, one is within the pic, protection doors, voluminous glass, simply an incredible show piece and residential for you pet . presently don't have any space for cage, must sell, $ 3000 endowed , can dispense with for $ a thousand . each components lock along, and square measure on wheels for straightforward moving. New hoses and instrumentality for water system, new lights, new pc fan, and more, a requirement see if you're a reptilian lover !!

4-Acrylic Cage Medium to Large Snake Cage , Reptiles , amazons , birds
price: 998$ / location:Michigan /  Buy it Ebay

Detailed Description
The Amazon cage is for master's degree. to giant birds 1/4" acrylic  x 36" x 24" x 36" tall or with base enclosed 58" tall, Parrots, and amazons the most effective acrylic enclosures and accessories on the market, designed for parrots by homeowners of parrots.  Our cages square measure simple to scrub, as well as a pull out receptacle,  2- Lixit Quick-Lock feeders, 1- hardwood perch, voluminous ventilation holes and a ventilation fan, toy holders and solid oak cupboards for storage. terribly giant door, simple to scrub, Brass casters and handles square measure further. Our Cages are parrot tested, its Hypo-allergenic and virtually soundproof.  This enclosure is simple to disassemble; for fast convenient storage and transportation. regarding 30-50% noise Reduction. you'll be able to not do higher than one among our cages. My Parrots are in them for years
Amazons, Greys, Macaws, umbrella's can all work nice  cockatoo's
Without the oak base deduct $250.00 base is 22" tall

5-Reptile Cage Cabinet Enclosure Habitat

price:670$ /Location:Colorado/ Ebay
This reptilian cage was custom engineered by Cages advisedly and is in mint condition. it's 86" high (including wheels that area unit regarding an in. high) and comes in three items.The exterior is 2' sq.. the highest is one foot high and is employed for reflector or plant light-weight (which isn't included). all-time low is additionally 1' high and is employed for storage (the cat doesn't go along with it).  There area unit three shelves and every area unit removable. the middle door gap is seven 1/2" wide and may slide either approach and there's a metal lock for these doors.  The doors don't come back off while not some destroy.  There area unit vent covers, one for the highest and 2 for all-time low.  The cage contains a metal frame, polymethyl methacrylate and a wood floor within the main section. 2 of the wheels will lock. there's to a small degree little bit of glue residue on the front.

6- Reptile Snake Cage Corner Cabinet Habitat Enclosure Oak Beautiful Unit 3 stack
price:600$ /California/ Ebay

Up for grabs area unit my custom ordered oak cupboards. These area unit professional engineered. Solid oak in style, however area unit terribly simply captive (light weight). they're extraordinarily careful. serious duty ceramic heat socket furthermore as a fluorescent (repti sun) fixture engineered into every one. The glass fronts (whole oak frame) take away simply, as will the ventilated facet panels. The ventilated sides area unit worn out a superior mesh screen. the bottom offers storage and may even be regenerate to a housing cupboard if you selected to try to to therefore. These cupboards area unit outstanding to own in your home, workplace or store, giving a really skilled look. These cupboards work for any colubrids, reptiles, lizards, dragons, tarantulas, scorpions, turtles, etc. cupboards area unit fully cleansed and disinfected and prepared to be used.
Measurements: 29" back corner to front, then 10" angle (screen facet panel) to the front panel that is 27" across meeting the opposite 10" angle. Back corner to front glass is 28" (straight live from back to front). Front window panel measures eighteen.5 "
73 1/2" tall in total. scrutinize the diagram of a high read.

7-Reptile Cage Large Custom Made
price:500$ /Location:Virginia/ Ebay

My father created this cage years agone for our three foot long iguanid lizard. it's solid wood, 1/4 in. table prime glass with reptilian light-weight at prime and a hinged prime for access. it's immense and would hold an oversized lizzard or snake. the bottom is not shown however is ten inches deep and a separate piece with a drawer for provides.  Dinosaurs were painted on the rear panel.  Stands concerning five foot or additional tall aboard. we tend to spent concerning 700.00 on supplies and am commerce for five hundred.00 OBO. native Pickup solely.  bottom of cage features a panel to access from bottom that slides in with knobs. fine designed and created.  Contact Pine Tree State for any queries.  Base was uploaded later and cage fits on prime.

8-HUGE! BOA MASTER CAGE Reptile Snake Cabinet Habitat Enclosure Oak Front 8'X3'X3'

Price: 495$ / location: California / Buy it
This is the MONSTER Cage by Boa Master Cages. you'll be laborious ironed to search out this cage! Custom Leaf Scrolling adorns the skin. stunning Wood end. Latching Doors with three drop latches on every door. There ar four polymethyl methacrylate viewing windows. simple Puzzle Piece construction that screws along. These ar SOLID construction enclosures . precise measures ar as follows:
94" Long x 38" Deep x 30" Tall. (measures ar among 1/2") All items lay flat for easy moving! This was purchased, started and ne'er used! Those ar merely smudges from cleansing that you simply see on the polymethyl methacrylate.
If you've got an outsized snake or lizard, or ar desperate to house over one along this is often YOUR enclosure! you're not aiming to notice a higher quality cage. Boa Master Cages ar acknowledge within the snake and reptile community. And this contains a attractive custom ordered front! it's associate fully stunning cage!

If you need more offers and custom habitats , breeder snake cages for sale 

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