how to choose snake cages

9 steps to choose snake cages
Appeared breeding snakes as a hobby decades ago and began a scientific combining scholars and researchers snakes to follow their behavior and then began to spread gradually in America and Europe to become this hobby grainy to many, and breeding snakes hobby beautiful but it is risky and you need patience and knowledge of many things, of these things mention the following:

snake cages: When you need to cages for breeding snakes there are grounds should be introduced, including the size of the snake and the need for a specific area, good ventilation with the safety of the inability of the snake out of the cage or the Fund, and that the materials used in it is harmless for the snake to be brought up in it.

brushes: brushes is important for the snakes, and no matter what kind of furniture to the user either sand or paper or sawdust, there are things to be ascertained, such as clean and free of parasites, plankton, and the absence of any chemicals, and make sure they are free of dyes or materials that may hurt the snake.

trims: trims task in cages snakes It gives the snake the impression that he lives in the environment, but there are grounds to be taken when preparing the decorations as if they are the materials used are safe, and not to be small or narrow making it difficult to remove the snake of them, and not to be sharp.

Temperature: snakes, cold-blooded if she prefers temperatures medium is not too high or too low, however, for every type of need from the heat as snake deserts differ from snakes forests and thus do not need to know what kind of snake to be his education and place of living and the right temperature to him.

humidity: different environments snakes there are snakes deserts less humidity in the environment, even non-existent in some cases there are snakes lakes percentage of moisture in the environment for many of the 70% so you must know the need for the snake to moisture and then processing Education snake cages in proportion to the need of the snake because humidity excess or missing may sicken snake may kill him.

Lighting: Lighting is an important factor in breeding snakes to make the snakes feel the succession of day and night, lighting depends on the type of snake and the size of the snake cages and the whereabouts of the snake cages so that it can use natural lighting instead of electric lighting, lighting varies from one type to another

nutrition: It is important in breeding snakes fed including matching There are snakes feed on special things or eggs while feeds mostly on birds and small animals, and it must provide adequate food for the snake to be the food of the species eaten by the snake because some snakes affected when feeding on is what it used to.

necessary supplies: There are several requirements must be provided in the snake cages Education, such as hiding and stones, trees and water receptacles these supplies are placed according to need her snake.

monitoring and supervision: the follow-up process is very important in education to see how positive and negative changes that occur to the snake and try to be reduced if the changes were negative.

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